December 18, 2013

11/9/2013: A Sneak Peek

Around this time last year, I shared the inspiration for our wedding day and now, I can share some of the pictures from the day of. There will be many more, so consider this a sneak peek.

My look for the ceremony included a gold birdcage veil fastened with a vintage brooch and a lavaliere necklace, which is a family heirloom worn by Dan's great grandmother.

This captures the emotion in our "first look" perfectly - complete joy.

We were lucky that all the ivy had changed from green to the beautiful fall tones that week. Not to mention that the venue itself, Makray Memorial Golf Club, matched our vintage, rugged, and natural aesthetic.

This pose was recreated from my mother's own wedding day. Isn't her dress stunning?

 Blush, metallics, sequins, lace and happy faces.

I'm guessing this is where he said something about promising to do his chores…

You may now kiss the bride, lift her up, and fist pump.

Rolls of cuteness and tulle - my maid of honor's youngest daughter had to match her sister, the flower girl.

Gold, green, ivory and ready for the party.

Our first dance was to "Northern Wind" by City & Colour. He had told me this song was ours the weekend we got together.

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