December 16, 2013


You may recall that one of my resolutions for this year included getting a dog for Christmas. While the original intention was to purchase a Portuguese water dog and name him George, fate had a different plan for us. We are now parents to a long haired dachshund born on October 23. Say hello to Walter Thorin Opels (named after characters in The Big Lebowski and The Hobbit).

About a week ago, a friend posted on her Facebook page that her brother was giving away a litter to loving homes. On a whim, I messaged her asking if there was a boy and gave Dan no less than 10 reasons why this time and this breed were the best for us (he later said he was on board after reason #1).  Within two hours, we had confirmation that he was ours! From his puppy breath and his big front paws to his curly haired ears and always wagging tail, we are in love. This is the first dog that Dan and I are raising on our own and while we anticipate it being a challenge, it will also be a lot of fun! Get used to seeing his precious face since he'll be joining me in outfit pictures once it's a little warmer out, of course.

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