January 24, 2014

11/9/2013: Epilogue

"And in the end…It was better then we ever could have imagined. 
In between all the laughter and a few tears, lay a celebration neither one of us thought could actually come to fruition. The commitment to having a good time by all of our friends and family was overwhelmingly evident and the proof is illustrated through pictures like a novel of emotion. The music kept the bass line to the rhythm of the best party and celebration of which we have ever been a part. Each and every person in the room contributed to our happiness and set the tone for the start of our lives together. 
Thank you all for the smiles and you're welcome for the hangover…cheers.

For my wife…
Amongst all the beauty, you managed to stand out. Surrounded by a couple hundred guests, I never felt lost or disconnected. The room slowed and silenced when we were close. It gave me a great sense of solace and safety to know we will always have each other. You gave me the best day of my entire life, but I say with compile certainty that I plan on telling you that multiple times over the course of our life together. 
So, until the next best day of my entire life…I love you." 


All photos by Sprung Photo

All photos by Sprung Photo

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