October 2, 2012

His Favorite

For those of you who know him, it's no surprise that my bf is my biggest fan. Every time he looks at me in my daily outfits, he shows a sweet smile and gives me a wink while saying, "You look great, honey." I believe him every time...and you would too. He's incredibly sincere. So when he said that this outfit was his favorite, I knew that was a big deal. You see, my bf pays attention to details, and the fact that I pulled each color of the dots in my shirt to my blazer, watch, shoes, purse, and skirt, was not lost on him. As if he wasn't a keeper already.

Worthington blazer, Target top, NY & Co skirt, Baccio 6 sandals, Tokyo Bay watch, purse via Crossroads, Charming Charlie collar necklace

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