September 26, 2011

Set Autumn Ablaze

While perusing some street fashion pics from fashion week in New York and London (I'll attend both eventually), I was inspired and pretty much awe struck by every one of the looks I saw on celebrities, bloggers, and the soon to be discovereds. It's so easy to get overwhelmed this time of year with all the "I can't live without this" purchases that must/have to/need to be made. However, I believe that the right jacket, or two or four, can take you into an echelon of fall style that will have The Sartorialist himself knocking on your door to take your picture. You'll remember my post on spring jackets, but alas, it is a new season and a time for new post on my favorite item. You might ask, "Does this mean that my jean, utility, and leather jackets should go into hiding?" Au contraire my dear readers, these pieces are just as clutch in these months as they were in March. I would simply suggest transitioning the items you wear under those same jackets. This is your warning that the gauzy knits, eyelet, and tropical floral patterns should be put away. 

The first type on my rant is the colored blazer.
Give your black blazer a rest. I was amazed by the versatility of this shade of mustard when I bought it in a wool mini skirt last fall. It pairs well with black, brown, gray, and every other bright color too - the best pairing is regal.
Zara Wing-Collared Blazer $99
The second type is the tweed motorcycle jacket.
The juxtaposition of leather and tweed is simply perfect. How great this will look with and oversize blouse, skinny jeans/leggings, and boots, or a shift and pumps? The word you're looking for is amazing. If you're dressed like a rock star, the tweed will give it some ladylike poise, but if you're dressed like a lady, the leather will give you a rock star edge. The best of both worlds.
The Limited Quilt-trimmed Tweed Jacket $148
The third type is the velvet blazer.
Oh, the texture - you'll be feeling yourself up all day...ha! Chambray, plaid, leather, stripes, silk, cotton all works with this lush fabric. Do not consider this an advert for wearing those Juicy track suits (sigh)...for the love of all that's holy...
Free People Slouchy Velvet Blazer $168
The fourth, and final type is the tuxedo jacket.
This style makes the timeless combo of black & white super easy. It's minimalism at its finest, so keep it that way by pairing it with, you guessed (in varying textures). Maybe a bright pump or clutch, but only add one color at most. Since almost everyone has seen that sequin, lace, or metallic party dress at the yearly holiday event, consider this as a more than appropriate option come November.
Victoria's Secret Long Tuxedo Blazer $148


Shanelé said...

I'll take them all!! But will start with the mustard colored and velvet ones if I have to choose!


(Almost Dr.) Anne Alagbala said...

This is fabulous, as are you!