April 14, 2011

Spring Jacket Bonanza

It seems as though Chicago spoke too soon in welcoming the warm weather. At this time, the temperatures go up and down, with no consistency, and the rain will likely come sideways on occasion! With all that uncertainty, a girl has to be prepared on what to put on over the shirts, skirts, dresses, and bare skin that shouldn't be exposed to these elements just yet. Much like my post on spring shoes, jackets are just as easy to over indulge in. They're all so cute after puffers and wool and every one you see has some use, right? Even that knock-off Chanel tweed with grommets could be used gloriously as could the madras blazer; however, in honor of my commitment to maintaining a sense (if only a little one) of penny pinching, I will give you four jackets that are wise and versatile investments.

The Utility Jacket
As you can see, it has the ability to be dressed up or down and if I do say so myself, olive is an AH-mazing neutral. I do not know what my spring and fall would be without mine. The varieties can be belted, which I think looks best when a contrasting leather one in black or brown is used, or can be worn casually open. Just about every store that I've gone into recently has had one type or another. This Gap version is a perfect color, shape, and price at $65!

 Jean Jacket
The newlywed Reese Witherspoon has done exactly what should be done with a jean jacket, which is to transition your summer dresses from out of hiding! I remember being made fun of, or we'll say, jested at, by some boys in college about wearing a jean jacket and I have to say it had no effect on my continued wear or opinion of them. In fact, the same Old Navy model I had then is the one I have now...take that! Treat yours like its two legged cousin and wear it with anything and everything, just stick with the classic shape and color...not too dark or too light.

Sleeveless Trench
In the words of the notorious RZ, "I die" for this trend. I don't know about any of you, but regardless of the need for a coat during rain, it's still humid and I get hot with a traditional coat. Therefore, this has answered my perspiration prayers. Another kicker? It easily transitions into a dress too. Oh, what fun it is to give the typical trench an update! This stunner is from Urban Outfitters for $79.

Cropped Leather Jacket
Leather? In warmer weather? Yes, indeed it can be done, especially when it's faux. On top of a floral skirt or dress it adds something unexpected to the look. It also keeps your from giving in entirely to the navy, white, and khaki brigade that spring usually brings. Use this option to fight it my edgy princesses...and cheaply at that. Apostrophe at Sears has one for $40.
Enjoy these staples and don't forget to share any of your new spring jacket purchases!

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