April 12, 2011

Raindrops on roses...

I think I'm going to start a new series about my favorite things. Although you are all aware of those "I can't live without this" items from the fall and winter, I will break up the spring items throughout the coming months as I am unsure of what items, new or old, that I will repeatedly turn to in times of low motivation and inspiration. I will feature the things that have quite literally changed my life already, as well as new pieces that most definitely will have an effect on infusing beauty into my wardrobe. My hope is that sharing these finds will instill the same sort of passion and appreciation in each of you.

In honor of the inaugural post of this series, if I had to pick one item of my apparel and/or accessories that has outlasted fashion and wear besides some raggedy, but may I add comfortable t-shirts, it is my turquoise necklace. The beauty I have is one strand and can be looped once. It's just simply perfect. It adds edge, color, and texture to simply everything! As seen on Megan Fox, it even spring-ifies the LBD.
The important things to consider before purchasing one is to confirm that the stones are actually real turquoise! Even though it may be appealing to only spend $15 on rows of this glorious hue, colored plastic will fade and chip. Yes, you are going to spend upwards of $40 or more depending on the weight and amount of this stone in the neckace, but I can promise that it is worth your investment. Case in point, this turquoise necklace at Overstock, has gotten many positive reviews and looks great!

Do you have your own version of it? Share!

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Leslie said...

Ugh!! I need one asap!!!!