April 7, 2011

The Skinny on Skinny Belts

If I could write a sonnet, like Romeo did to Juliet, it would be dedicated to belts! I have infinite love for these strands of leather, canvas, rope, and metal joined by buckles, clasps, toggles, and buttons. They have elevated many of my outfits from "blah" to "daaaaaaamn" and given women with curves the chance to show 'em, and those without, to make it look like they have 'em. Although I believe in the necessity of wide and skinny belts, I think that skinny is the easier to pull off and will be the most appropriate for the coming months. You can easily get away with purchasing four options, although I'm pretty sure I have about twenty...don't judge.

1. A bright color...teal, orange, coral, pink, yellow, red, blue, purple.
 2. Black and brown - feel free to add some interest with studs, patent, or weaved.
3. A textured print, like snakeskin, leopard, or braided.
The skinny belt will draw the eye to your waist, the tiniest part, and also, define your waist when layering with cardigans, blazers, or scarves. When you are buying a skinny belt, be sure that you can wear it at your waist and on your hips. The extra length can be looped around!

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