April 15, 2011

And whiskers on kittens...

For the second installment of my favorite things, of which I am unsure how many there will be, I am going to feature another staple for the season: the straw fedora.
I've owned one by Eugenia Kim when she designed a line for Target last spring. Eugenia Kim is the one and only line that celebs, and those who can spend $300 on a hat, turn to. I hope she does another collaboration, as the collection was roughly sold at 10% of their normal prices; however, if she doesn't there are many other varieties. Recently, on a jaunt through Wicker Park, I found a hat store called Goorin Brothers. It's like the mecca for straw fedoras, in addition to carrying every other type of hat you could think of. There were so many different colors and brim widths with varieties of ribbon detailing or weaving.  Now, if you're like me and have a...larger than most head...it's either men's hats or a no go, right? No one size fits all at this store..the hats are not entirely gender specific and based upon the actual size of your head - brilliant! But, since most of you are probably of normal cranial circumference, there are many more varieties at just about any store. I like this one from Urban Outfitters at only $24! You better believe that mine will be accompanying me on every beach day, outdoor music concert, street festival, and afternoon picnic I engage in.