April 18, 2011

Mile High Thigh Highs

If I said the words "thigh high" to you...what would you think? Something along the line of street corners and Pretty Woman? Up until this season, I would have to; however, the thigh highs that the "it" girls are wearing are not fishnets with skin tight shirts and skirts. They're opaque, thick, and in solid neutral colors.
A trend like this takes commitment...you just have to go for it in place of those tights! If you have the pieces, and there are certain pieces that are necessary, it puts a great pep in your step for spring! It's not for the faint of heart, no, but it's surprisingly, blatantly, and demurely sexy all in one... when paired with the right ensemble. 
Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to follow these rules:
1. Show the hint of skin between the top of the sock and the bottom of the skirt...
think at least two hands above your knee; 
2. Keep it loose...evening shorts, A-line skirts, and casual dresses in flowy fabrics, like a shirt dress or unstructured shift with a silky button down, boyfriend blazer, or cardigan;
3. Accessorize... with a necklace, ring, bracelet, and earrings topped off with a cross body bag;
4. Wear the right shoes...ankle boots, lace up or caged booties, oxford pumps, or mary janes;
5. Choose black or gray. Although Carrie Bradshaw could pull of red argyle in SATC, she is, well... Carrie Bradshaw, and she, my friends, can do anything. However, I do prefer this more neutral choice in thigh highs.

My good friend, Rob, clapped, literally clapped, when I came out from getting ready recently wearing black ankle boots, gray mini skirt, loose red tank, boyfriend blazer, and black thigh highs. I'd say that's cause for another try with this trend! Find 'em for yourself at American Apparel.

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Katie said...

I can actually verify the applause. And it was a HOT look!!