September 24, 2011

And schniztel with noodles...

Loafers are the new "it" flat. Forget your ballerina skimmers and invest in a retro menswear staple. A brief history lesson - the Norwegians were producing leisure slippers of the moccasin style in the 1930s and began exporting them to the rest of Europe, where they were taken up by visiting Americans, and championed by the American Esquire magazine. Some photographs included with the Esquire feature were of Norwegian farmers in a cattle loafing area...hence the name - betcha didn't know that! This style is a natural progression from the Sperrys and the Tom's that were the natural throw on all summer when flip flops just wouldn't do. Since I haven't bought my own yet (I stress the "yet" part), I will let the brilliant beauties from some of my favorite blogs show you how it's done.
B.Jones Style
Cheetah is the New Black
See Jane
 As you can see, the loafer is incredibly versatile. It can be worn with full skirts, cropped trousers, or straight and rolled jeans. Extra style points if you incorporate textures and add ons such as leopard, snakeskin, studs, suede,  tassels, and maybe the occasional penny.

Pick your own style on Zappos and give your knee high flat boots a bit longer in the closet. C' know those will get plenty of use once the snow sets in...that is, until these can come out and play again in March!

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