December 6, 2012

Ode to Miroslava - How to (look like you) Wear Couture

Miroslava Duma is former Harper's Bazaar (Russia) editor and a current fashion icon. If you are a street style photographer and she saunters by you (in all her 5' of glory), you get that picture! No one rocks pattern mixing & matching, color blocking, and challenging common perceptions of proportions for a small frame. But, even if you are pear shaped or tall and lean, we can all take a cue from this "it girl."

The "top 10" lessons to learn from Miroslava Duma:
1. Always wear a statement necklace.
2. Wear your platform sandals with opaque tights when the temperatures drop.
3. White pumps are on trend, especially before & after Labor Day.
4. Pant suits make a statement outside the 9-5.
5. Buttoned up collars are a great layering piece.
6. Mid calf skirts are a flattering length for petites.
7. Similarly, all over abstract prints are not overwhelming for petites.
8. Cleavage is overrated.
9. Clutches are not just for evening.
10. Hats (or headpieces) are the most chic of accessories.

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