December 5, 2012

Ties for the Guys

The history of neckties is a colorful one, but the modern interpretation of it came about during the Industrial Revolution when it was necessary to have something that was easy to put on and would not come undone during long work days. Through the 20th century ties have been short (to the natural waist), wildly printed (to go against wartime uniforms), be up to five inches wide, and help to signify club membership. Now, we are seeing a more narrow width come into fashion. Regardless of color, texture, width, or length, the common perception of a tie atop a fixed button with a suit jacket is ancient history. Gentleman, if you have a business casual dress code, pair your shirt & tie with a cardigan or v-neck sweater, or, just as my guy shows us, up the game on casual Fridays and pair that combination with dark jeans. And don't worry about that top button, no one will notice it's undone.

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