August 7, 2012

Apples and Oranges

As stated in this post, "Apples and Oranges" is where I will offer two ideas, one that might be a "don't" and explain my reasoning, followed-up with a "do." A sort of blog-based consultation on some easy pitfalls and how to look and feel better as well as more on-trend. For my second attempt at this type of feature, I'd like to talk about capris versus cropped pants. With the onset of summer, our immediate thought is to expose whatever skin we can in order to abate the heat; however, when it comes to the area below the knee, does that extra five inches of bare skin drive down our temperatures enough to warrant the absence of fabric? Is more skin better? Let me demonstrate and we'll see what you think.A capri pant, as defined by yours truly, hits anywhere from three inches below the knee or three inches above the ankle. Therefore, the hem is hitting at the widest part of the leg. This hides the natural indentation that leads up to those glorious hips. However, even if you aren't hiding your knee, like the picture on the right, you're still interrupting the line from your hips to your ankle and cutting it off at the calf. I'm not sure that I've ever once been complimented on my shins or my thighs, so why do I want to draw attention to them? Plus, if you're like me, your shin is covered with scars anyway thanks to bikes, skateboards, and pools from your youth. 
On the other hand, a cropped pant, is anywhere from the ankle bone to no higher than three inches above the ankle bone. Therefore, the hem is hitting at the smallest part of your leg and is universally flattering on all figures. This can even be achieved by rolling up the cuff on your skinny or straight leg jeans. Try out these great options from J.Crew with literally any type of shoe, especially pumps, ankle strap sandals, and driving moccasins. 


Zahra Sandberg said...

Thank you! This post explains exactly what I've been thinking for years. Love your blog to btw!


JRebeccaStyle said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Zahra! Always appreciate the positive reinforcement.