June 27, 2012

Apples and Oranges

When it comes to fashion, I have a lot of ideas, so I figured, since I have this great avenue, which is an outlet for expressing my thoughts (aka this blog), I should go ahead and share them. Therefore, welcome to my newest feature, "Apples and Oranges," where I will offer two ideas, one that might be a "don't" and explain my reasoning, followed-up with a "do." A sort of blog-based consultation on some easy pitfalls and how to look and feel better as well as more on-trend. These ideas might will challenge and maybe take some practice in getting used to something new in comparison with something comfortable. I encourage you to take on these challenges (maybe in the comfort of your own home at first) and change something that you may not have thought about that works even better!

My first focus will be on the empire waist versus peplum. Although the empire may have struck back in George Lucas' eyes, I have to disagree. When discussing figure flattery, we've somehow been convinced that the ribcage is the location to highlight, but let's pretend I've given you a belt - where do you put it? The most flattering place (unless we're doing a low-slung look) is the natural waist, or about an inch above your belly button. Repeat after me: "My natural waist is an inch above my belly button." Regardless if your shape is straight up and down, apple, or athletic, this is the promised land and where your body naturally starts to curve out towards the hips. Therefore, if you have less than an hour glass figure, this trick will appear to give you those enviable curves. With the intention of "covering up our middles" through the empire waist, we've started to draw attention to them by covering up the slenderest part! This idea also applies when you consider not tucking a shirt into an a-line skirt - the same tent like shape is achieved. The "tummy" that some of us (including me) struggle with is expertly covered by the beautiful flounce of fabric that a peplum provides.

Exhibit A: A slender model in an empire waist tunic and a peplum dress. Which is more flattering?

So, pull that waist line down a bit with a peplum top, or, be like me and create your own with a belt or knotted blouse.

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