August 7, 2012

Bright Lights, Big City (Lollapalooza - Day Two)

While I didn't attend day two of Lollapalooza (and good thing too, since it was postponed due to a crazy thunderstorm), I still wanted to continue the boho chic vibe that is basically required for music festival participants. Speaking of required clothing, the themes of style this year were basically JRebeccaStyle approved and also didn't break the rules of indecent exposure. I say basically since I did see a fair share of bras and booty shorts. Literally, someone's favorite Victoria's Secret bra or boy short briefs as outerwear! I mean, I understand the "beat the heat" and the "come as you are" mentality; however, there are much chicer ways to stay cool.
Therefore, here are some pieces to wear at a music fest as seen all over Chicago's lakefront this weekend that won't get you arrested for public lewdness:
1. Crop tops
 2. High waist jean shorts
 3. Fringe t-shirts
 4. Crochet dresses
 5. Keds sneakers
 6. Feather earrings
 7. Fanny packs
 8. Headbands
Which trend do you like the best? Did you wear any of these pieces?
Volcom dress, H&M chambray shirt, Steve Madden booties, B. Makowsky purse, Tokyo Bay watch, Francesca's necklace, assorted Essie nail polishes

Check out my day one attire and be sure to visit tomorrow for day three!

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