August 8, 2012

Bright Lights, Big City (Lollapalooza - Day Three)

Dear Jenny,

As we began our journey through life, we each shared our lives passions with each other; mine of music and yours of fashion. You told me about when you started your blog and explained that you occasionally like to shop and put together new outfits. I quickly came to realize that occasionally meant daily and couldn’t be more proud. No matter what it is in life that you are passionate about, it should make you happy.  It would have been easy to abandon your fashion sense while attending Lollapalooza with me for the first time, but you used it as an opportunity to combine both of our passions. While some women at the festival optioned for muffin tops and bras, you looked fierce while comfortable, classy yet sexy, and amongst the 300,000 plus people at the festival, you stood out as a pillar of fashion, passion, and fun. Whether it was head bobbing to Gary Clark Jr., or getting you face melted by The Gas Light Anthem, you took a proud stand against the t-shirts, fish nets, and tank tops and stayed true to yourself and your fashion sense. Never was I more impressed with you then while watching Florence and the Machine on Sunday. After an educational one sided conversation about Florence’s fashion sponsors and sense of style, you threw caution to the wind and smiled and danced as I had never seen before. The point is that you were nervous about going as you didn’t know what to expect. You stayed true to yourself through fashion and quickly settled into the comfort of the festival and really enjoyed yourself. Well, after the effects of High Life and Malort wore off from the night before (I’m sorry, the only thing Malort goes well with is stale chips and divorce) you settled in. Upon arrival at Lollapalooza you were lost, but the tables quickly turned and I was lost in your love for life...and I’ve never been more proud.

Love, Dan

American Apparel blouse, Old navy bikini top, Gap ikat shorts, Benetton purse, Havianas flip flops, Target sunnies, Francesca's and Charming Charlie bracelets, Marinette monogram necklace, XXI owl earrings, and Tokyo Bay watch

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