August 9, 2012

Opulent Spaces

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know that I am constantly creating my dream home in a theme of opulence with color, patterns, and textures galore!  I approach interior decorating much like I approach creating outfits - put your favorite things together at the same time and it'll all work out. A "Keep Calm and Mix On" mentality. With this home, I will will require a 24/7 maid to ensure that all the spaces are always dust free (to combat an OCD freak out) and a techie genius to hide all cords, speakers, and other eye sores (essentially, anything that's strictly functional and not beautiful). In these amazing bedrooms, office spaces, and living rooms that I have been coveting, you will notice a few trends: chandeliers, mismatched frames, throw pillows, blankets, & rugs, acrylic pieces, pattern mixing, and pops of jewel tones with a gold or silver foundation. Still interested? Then get ready to storm a West Elm, Pier 1, or World Market store near you!

Images via Pinterest

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