March 30, 2011

Take from me, my lace...

A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted or braided to other threads independently from a backing fabric. Lace is sexy and provocative or girlie and demure or classic and refined. How can one type of fabric, or lack of fabric, be such opposite things? That my friends, is dependent on what's under it, over it, or its fit. For 2011, lace is getting a serious resurgence. I don't think it ever has gone out of style, but the shapes, colors, and types of presentation have been updated. This year, it's all about off-white, beige, and black, but no pastels or bright colors.
I do not suggest walking around in head to toe lace; however, incorporating it into your wardrobe is easy and feels, to be honest, a bit risque! Take for instance, this off-white lacy top from American Apparel ($38). As Mary Wilson Little said, "It is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive; it is mostly holes." I couldn't agree with her more.
I first saw this gem in Glamour. The editors, or whomever, had given this exact top to five different women and had them come up with different ways to wear it. The options ranged from jean vests and corduroys to pencil skirts and leather jackets! Talk about versatile! My first, and current favorite option, is to wear a black long sleeve crewneck tee, under the lace, and a statement tribal necklace with jeans. Next, I'll try an off-white cami with it and one of the following: cuffed, skinny, green cargos and ankle boots; short, black, leather skirt and pumps; harem pants and a pendant necklace; and finally, when it gets warm enough, jean shorts and gladiator sandals.

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