June 9, 2011

If I had a million dollars...

The BNL song of the same name, indicates that he would buy, among other things, a treefort, llama or emu, and an ottoman. No offense, but I would certainly chose different items if I was to come upon $1,000,000. Currently, I peruse shopbop.com for ideas and trends; however, with a seven figure allowance, I would certainly purchase a few things...after taking a trip to Greece & Italy, of course.

The first "I'm a millionaire outfit"? Blazer, cropped pants, blouse, and peep toe pumps topped off with amazing accessories

Rag & Bone Cotton Dinner Blazer - Ivory and bright white piping & collar with a stripe detail that elongates the frame.
Acne Contact Snake Pants - Understated and oh so sexy snakeskin print pulls the ivory from the blazer yet clearly stands alone.
Equipment Signature Blouse - A pop of bright color will draw attention in, while the sublety of the blazer and pants will keep 'em interested.
Giuseppe Zanotti Peep Toe Platform Pumps - A cool lavender slate color will almost blend into the pants.
Rebecca Minkoff Beau Clutch - In a pretty peach, this clutch continues to maintain the focus on the blouse by keeping the prints and colors delicate.
House of Harlow & Melinda Marie rings - Enough of this understated elegance...put some pow on your digits with two beautifully tough rings.

Since I have a million dollars and this took up a measley $1,750-ish, I can afford to do this again. Stay tuned for more!

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