August 9, 2011

And crisp apple streudels...

 Two of the most iconic women in American history, Marilyn & Audrey, are consistently inspiring our trends. Ms. Monroe is even showcased on the Magnificent Mile, albeit without the frames that take her from demure to sexy or sexy to demure. I would even argue that the inclusion of these frames would have made the statue less "kitschy," as it has been called. Cat-eye glasses are beyond flattering. They elevate the cheekbones and exaggerate the eye shape that symbolizes femininity - why would we put on mascara and eyeliner otherwise? Not to be out done, some of our modern day fashionistas are pouncing on board this trend as well.  
 Don't be caught without a litter box and get your own from Urban Outfitters for as little as $6.99! Meooooooooow :)

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