August 19, 2011

Seeing spots

I am not one to shy away from overtly showcasing the undeniable sexiness of leopard print.

But, you might not be like me. Therefore, there may be a need to tone it down by using it as an accent through scarves, belts, purses, and shoes. I do understand; however, that even an accent can feel as if you're roaring like an actual ferocious feline on the prowl. In order to minimize that feeling of being in heat, there are a few key areas to consider when purchasing your leopard-cessories.

1.  Stick with neutral creations - pick patterns with brown undertones rather than orange, small spots rather than big ones, and less contrast between the colors.

2. Heels are sexy, so if you're already weary of 'em, chose flats.
3. When paired with another print, be it stripes, ikat, polka dots, tweed, or plaid - the leopard becomes a neutral.

4.  The print in gray is a true safe haven.

5. The inclusion of additional material, be it in any color or texture doesn't minimize the impact of this pattern, it actually draws more attention to it...and looks garish. Case in point on the left, compared to the beauty on the right.

If I were you? I'd go out and purchase the following to inject some meow into your mundane.
Steve Madden London Foldover Clutch
MIchael Kors Animal Print Belt
Calvin Klein Pritah Flats

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