October 17, 2011

Dressing up as...Bonnie

My past Halloween costumes have not necessarily been the kind that can be reused. Case in point - a full length foam penguin suit, complete with a beak and flippers.
 So this year, I'm considering copying someone whose style I enjoy outside of Halloween and one where I can wear the pieces I have invested in on many different days out of the year. A couple weekends ago, my mom and I drank some Malbec and cuddled up in her bed to watch "Bonnie & Clyde." I feel like a goof admitting that it was my first time viewing this classic. Shame on me; however, I don't think I would've appreciated it at an earlier time in my life. I couldn't get over the beauty and symbolism of the cinematography, not to mention the costumes. They channeled the 1930s but are completely timeless and exude a classically vintage elegance.

So what do you need to pull off the look of Bonnie Parker for Halloween? 

1. Blond bob - Lucky for us blonds, it's just a styling quandary, but if you're any other hue, get a blond wig
2. Beret
3. Square silk scarf
4. V-neck yellow sweater
5. Tweed knee-length pencil skirt
6. Knee high brown flat boots
7. Peacoat
And the most necessary accessories...cigar, toy handgun,and a brown paper bag (use it as a purse and be sure to put some fake dollar bills on top!)

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