December 13, 2012

Something Blue

While I told myself (and my fiance) that I was going to buy these famous blue wedding shoes for our nuptials, I decided on a dress that didn't quite go with 'em. Even though I was going to budget monthly to afford the high price, I'm happy to have some extra bucks to spend on other accessories. But, since that need for something blue was still there, I went with these bow pumps at 1/20th of the cost!

H&M blazer, Target blouse & belt, Zara pants, Audrey Brook bow pumps, purse via Crossroads

1 comment:

DressUpNotDown said...

Pretty, pretty Blazer! I like your bow pumps as much if not more than the fancy smancy ones. :o) Great idea to wear blue shoes for your something one could see my pretty blue garter.