July 16, 2013

Colors of Nature

This past month, I've seen a lot of beautiful color combinations in sunsets, flowers, and countryside through road trips in the midwest, on my own street, and in my wedding research. I have been noticing more and more how influenced I am by the colors of nature when making outfit ensembles and designing our apartment.

Lavender + Cobalt draws inspiration from lilac trees against the blue sky that I walk by every day in Lincoln Square.

Light Blue + Orange draws inspiration from a sunset over a lake, similar to one we saw in Traverse City, Michigan.

Peach + Yellow draws inspiration from blush dahlias that I hope will make an appearance in my bridal bouquet.

What color combinations gives you inspiration?

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CoastWithMe said...

Hi Jenny! I love all of these color combinations! Something about mint and coral and red, white, blue...inspires me! Btw, Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Would you like to follow each other?