October 3, 2013

Building the New

Prognosis is in...

Surgery is tomorrow and I will be in a cast for six to eight weeks. This cast will be of the non-walking variety - no boot, no bearing weight. Since our wedding is in five weeks, this likely means that I will not be "walking" down the aisle. Despite my initial tears, fears, and disappointments, I am maintaining a focus on the positive as well as the fact that this minor detail will not deter me from marrying the love of my life. It will not change the way that my dress looks or my smile when I see him in his suit. It will not change the vows that I say or those that I hear. It will not change the fact that this will be the best dang celebration of love for our family and friends to join us in! 

That being said, as far as this little blog goes, a few things will change. I cannot fit a cast into my cropped pants or wear heels or tights. Therefore, my outfits posts will be mostly from the waist up (since black yoga pants aren't the most interesting of bottoms) and you might also see a few more style and shopping features. I hope you will stick with me through this stumble that will likely bring me to some new places of insight, patience, and living in the now!

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DressUpNotDown said...

Well how romantic is getting carried down the aisle to the fanciest of thrones to say your vows!!! Or heck, if it's not a long ceremony he can just hold you the entire time...bet he wouldn't mind a bit. :o)