October 8, 2013

Crush of the Month - Bittersweet Colours

While I know how much I am inspired by the many, many fashion bloggers who I visit every day, you might not. So, I've decided to showcase one stylish fashionista per month to broaden your scope of inspiration and increase their influence, because they deserve it! My next installment of this series (see the others here), in giving credit where credit is due, is about Veronica Popoiacu of Bittersweet Colours.
Ironically, I discovered Veronica when she commented on one of my posts! Despite having the confidence in my sense of style to start a blog, I had only been posting outfit photos for two months at this time. So needless to say, having someone of this fashion caliber complementing me was just awesome and I've been a daily fan every since. Originally hailing from Romania, Veronica currently lives in Pennsylvania as a free lance artist. Unlike some of us who are guided by the theme of an outfit on a given day, be it corporate powerhouse, grungy chic, boho princess, or preppy in plaid, she is guided by the color combinations she wants to wear, such as red and camel, teal and mustard, oxblood and lavender, or black and white. With this being the focus, she maintains a minimalist structure to her outfits and the clean lines allow the colors to speak for themselves. No wonder she was all over the street style blogs at this season's NYFW.

To you, Veornica!
All photos from Bittersweet Colours

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Unknown said...

What an inspiration!! Love finding out about other bloggers to follow!!

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