January 2, 2014

11/9/2013: Table of Contents

After reliving the joy and gasping at the beauty captured by our photography team, Sprung Photo, I decided that I had to share my favorites on the blog. Since there were just over 2,000 to chose from, there needed to be multiple posts, so I've broken it down like a book: 
table of contents, characters, introduction, chapters of emotions, and finally, the epilogue.

To me, the table of contents includes the outline for what to expect. For our wedding, we wanted our guests to expect our wedding to feel like us, and this meant vintage with a touch of glam…sequins with leather, gold and burlap, feathers and greenery, and lace with mason jars. From the font on our programs and the chalkboard holders, to my earrings and our guest book, we took care to ensure that every detail exuded this style without feeling contrived. The end product turned out even better than expected thanks to the hard work of Dan's aunt (a retired florist) as well as our mothers, sister-in-law, and the amazing staff at Makray Memorial Golf Club.

All Photos by Sprung Photo

All photos by Sprung Photo

See the first post of the sneak peek pictures here.

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