May 3, 2011

Buzzin' like Neon

In mentioning the word "neon" as it pertains to fashion, those of you who were of age to not be dressed by your parents are likely cringing and having flashbacks of tight rolled jeans, shoulder pads, and scrunchies. I promise that this reincarnation is nothing like that. Neon for 2011 is paired with neutrals or other bright colors. The genius in charge at ZARA has made this trend their top priority. Eat it up, my fashion darlings!

Whether it's through color blocking in a neon and neutral in one piece or simply showcasing it with a tee, cardigan, skirt, purse, or belt, it all works! The pairings that work best, in my opinion, are orange with white, pink with navy, and yellow/green with khaki or olive green. It's a really great way to will the sunshine to stay in the Windy City, don't ya think?

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