June 17, 2011

Cognac & Black

I have to admit, during high school, I may or may not have believed that there was a rule against pairing brown and black. Actually, I didn't believe it...I stood behind with a picket sign rallying mentality. I don't regret it, per se, but, I do now realize the err of my nearsightedness. 
Let's just think for a moment about this...leopards, tigers, and other felines are bestowed this color combination by nature. How could nature put a faux pas upon this world intentionally? Before you go there, nature did not create scrunchies or sandals with socks...that can be blamed on us mere mortals. So act like a cat, and pounce on this trend!

The best way I like to do it is as the beauties Anne Hathaway and Kate Moss demonstrated - black as the background and brown as the accents. Although Miss Anne, is right on target for fall, we'll copy Kate Moss' style savvy for the summer months. Anything in your closet that is black...a dress (maxi or mini), tunic, shorts, pants...you get the idea, consider wearing a cognac shoe or belt instead of your black stilettos or thick patent black belt. The incorporation of cognac takes the all black look to a much more casual and boho chic place, which is all the rage for summer. 

Banana Republic Braided Belt

Lucky Brand Tessa Platforms

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