June 30, 2011

You see right through me

Hot time, summer in the city! When the temperatures climb in this city, you want to be able to feel the breeze through what your wearing. Make it your shirts and skirts dance in the wind created by our pontificating politicians.

Courtesty of TheSartorialist.com
Courtesty of  Courtney D'Alesio via Elle.com

The practice of sheer dressing can be a bit overwhelming if underdone. For example, ensure that you wear a slip that covers your derriere, or leggings when fall comes with the skirt, and a bandeau, full coverage bra, or tank with the shirts. I am not advocating for full coverage at all; however, nipple tassels and a thong is just in bad taste for more reasons that I can even go into. If you want to look like Ice Ts wife, Coco, have at it, just maybe do it in closed quarters. 

The following chiffon gems from American Apparel will ensure that you master this trend.
The impact of sheer pieces is in the outline of your body that it creates, like a smoke in mirrors of the female form. The idea is to show off that the top or bottom is actually see through by wearing something that does not follow its lines or color, as these models artfully showcase. I would love to get my hands on the mint green skirt with a knotted chambray shirt or wear the navy shirt with a black bandeau over white denim cut offs.

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Beckerman Girls said...

Love the sheerness and lightness of all these pieces! AMAZZZZING! And perfect for hot hot hot summer days!
xoThe Beckerman Girls