November 23, 2011

Mocked and Loaded

The last time I wore a white turtleneck was part of my pom pons uniform in high school. My neck itches just thinking about the thick polyester of which it was made. This resurgence of the white (not black, brown, or a bright color) turtleneck is not polyester (thank goodness) but a cotton/spandex blend that is form fitting and comfy under just about anything. It infuses a mod 60s look or just enough extra to make it seem like you just threw it on haphazardly to layer up for the colder months. The perfect amount of undone.

The thing about this trend? It doesn't have to match anything that you're wearing, or planning on wearing (evidenced by the runway as well as the stress styles of Hanneli, Beth, and Krystal). Since white is a non-color, literally, look at it that way. Pair it with all colors and textures, but keep it to crewneck or boatneck lines, rather than a deep v-neck. I can't promise that I won't go into a dance routine if I hear "Angel in the Centerfold" while wearing one, but I'm sure there are worse things. 

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