November 24, 2011

Roy G. Biv

You know when things are next to each other in your closet and you say to yourself, "Huh...I never thought of wearing that and that together, but it'll work!" That's what happened with this outfit. This, ladies and gentleman, is the precise reason that I continually rearrange and redistribute the colors and types of clothing in my closet. Currently, the whites are in front, followed by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. Can you tell I read the Roy G. Biv book as a kid? Maybe with this outfit, I was thinking more Bog y Riv, the story of a bog and a river that came together into a beautiful loch in the Scottish Highlands. Since the water flowing out of bogs has a characteristic brown color, due to the dissolved peat tannins, and the river, of course, is blue, I've clearly personified this timeless and classic tale. Oh, you haven't heard of it? Yeah, me neither.

Norma Kamali for Walmart hoodie, Francesca's blouse, Old Navy striped tee, NY & Co jeans, Target headband, Club Monaco fur vest, Hot Sox socks, and White Mountain booties

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