December 29, 2011

Love in an Elevator

I would definitely call myself an Aerosmith fan. Even though my favorite songs are "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" and "Walk This way" (with Run DMC, of course), there is something to be said for the idea of "lovin' it up when I'm going down." However, please be clear that the idea I'm referencing is not Steven Tyler's inspiration for the lyrics, which he claims were from an experience he had at a hotel of making out with a girl in the elevator and they started having sex as the doors opened, but rather more from the concept of the song, which came from researching famous battleships. Now, why Steven Tyler was researching famous battleships is anybody's guess, but thank goodness he was. Specifically, he used an instance on the Russian Battleship Navarin for motivation. One of the crew was famously quoted, as the ship was going down, "Мы должны жить вверх, в то время как мы теперь идем вниз," or when translated, "We must live upwards now, for it is downward we head." As I approach my 29th birthday (in one month), it can be said that I am beginning to head downwards as the years of irresponsibility, debauchery, selfishness, and frivolity (also known as one's 20s) are over. So, here's to livin' it up in the best way I know how - fab friends, loving family, and a meaningful career!

MRKT shoes, Steve Madden tights, vintage skirt, Gap turtleneck, J.Crew coat, Ann Taylor Loft and NY & Co necklaces, Giovannio hat via TJ Maxx, gloves unknown via TJ Maxx, Revlon Raspberry Bite lipstick

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Voilà! said...

So film noire! Love it!