December 19, 2011


This skirt caught my eye in the numerous piles and racks and I immediately thought of Nicole Richie. I could see her wearing it while strolling around L.A. with a fedora, oversize sweater, and suede booties. Of course, the skirt she'd be wearing would undoubtedly Winter Kate, and I'm sure those who designed this skirt being were inspired by her style, which we'll call "edgy hippie." I think this skirt can also be made into "holiday prepster" (think Ralph Lauren) by tucking in a white button down with a vintage brown belt, oodles and oodles of pearls, and satin pumps. Even consider the option of going "vintage rocker" with a beaten up Tom Petty concert tee, leather jacket and motorcycle boots. The possibilities are endless, my dears, which makes this gem what my mom likes to call, "versatile." I think I'll call my first attempt at this velvety sheer skirt "boho business," since I wore it to work and wasn't told to go home and change. Score! I encourage you to try out new options with that seemingly too cute or too festive item in your closet as well...what type of style can you create with it?

XXI skirt, I Heart Ronson blazer, Target tee, vintage necklace, Matisse boots, Gap hat

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