January 6, 2012


If I have to choose my favorite condiment, it would have to be mustard. Perfect consistency with the bitter/salty taste of  onion, garlic, caraway, horseradish, cilantro, and vinegar or lemon, depending on the origin. Doesn't sound appetizing? What about on top of a Chicago style hot dog or as a dip for a hot pretzel? Yum. The inclusion of turmeric is what gives the yellow color to my favorite type, simple yellow or American mustard. Just don't pass any dijon or honey varieties my way, those just don't "cut the mustard."

Paul & Joe blazer via Crossroads, I Heart Ronson jean shirt, Old Navy tee, J.Crew skirt, Hue tights,  XXI scarf,  Alfani boots, and Nars Schiap lipstick

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