February 16, 2012


"Was that intentional...to match your socks to your collar?" asked a coworker.  
"Do you really think that anything Jenny wears is unintentional?" said another coworker.
Touche, ma'am. Touche. 

My co-workers have come to expect a certain, we'll say, creativity when it comes to my daily outfits. If I'm wearing flats, no lipstick, one color/pattern, or minimal accessories, they ask if I'm feeling okay. My external presentation has become a direct correlation with my psychological well-being. It seems to have become an expectation that I "bring it," so to speak, every day, and I love it! I love getting ready in the morning - challenging myself to wear a new trend or remixing an item that has gone unworn - and relish in making the office my runway. It turns out that the days I am inspired by my outfits, I tend to project an optimism, confidence, and happiness in the workplace. And that my friends, is an exercise in taking control of my moods...in the best way I know how. 

J.Crew sequined sweatshirt, Old Navy gingham shirt, NY & Co skinny cargos and necklace, Target socks, White Mountain booties

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