February 28, 2012

Matchy Matchy

I am borderline obsessed with mixing prints. Therefore, it seems only logical that I would also feel the same about matching prints. Mix and match, ya know, like yin and yang or hot and cold - can't have one extreme without the other. As much as they're opposites, matching prints is similar to mixing prints:
1. Keep (at least) one color the same in both prints and keep accessories minimal. 
2. Chose different textures, color differentiations, or a small vs. big pattern size.
 For example...wear a chiffon tank and poplin trousers in the same floral pattern, yellow & navy striped blouse with burgundy & navy striped pencil skirt, or large polka dots on a tee with small dots on a pair of silk shorts.

Francesca's dress, LC by Lauren Conrad pants, MIA shoes, Target necklace

Inspiration from Blar of Atlantic-Pacific and Krystal of This Time Tomorrow

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