March 30, 2012

Four Musketeers

A leopard tote and navy blazer complete with brass buttons are my two newest purchases...along with mint, chambray, and black sleeveless blouses. I'm sure there will be many more for spring, but what's on your list of spring splurges? If I may, I would suggest picking up these four colors: red/orange, mint, cobalt, and peach in the form of an accordion skirt (Urban Outfitters), skinny cropped trousers (J.Crew), oversize blouse (American Apparel), or blazer (Forever 21). In any combination, these colors and shapes, will work together all season long, consider them the three amigos or the three musketeers, err wait, there's four of 'em. Well, that still works, right? Just go with it, people.
H&M Blazer (current), vintage blouse and necklace, NY & Co jeans, Target shoes (last season), J.Crew tote,  Stella & Dot ring

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