March 14, 2012

A Non-Color Story

Yesterday, a co-worker was putting together a PowerPoint and wanted an idea of what colors to use. Beige background, black letters, and I suggested gray for the boxes. Gray? She was flabbergasted that gray and beige would be put together. Gray only goes with black, she thought. Oh contrer, ma cheri. Gray goes with brown, black, beige, ivory, white, cognac, blush, and all the other neutrals as well. Personally, I have been trying to view my neutrals in terms of style and shape, rather than color - a neutral is a neutral is a neutral. For example, I am really digging the height of my brown ankle boots, so regardless of the fact that my skirt is black, I still wore 'em.

Club Monaco fur vest, Old Navy jean jacket, Akira sweater, Francesca's skirt, Stella & Dot necklace, Hue wool tights, Nine West booties, Urban Outfitters glasses

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