July 10, 2012

Gypsy in my Soul

The word "boho" would not be one of the five words to describe my style; however, my musical taste is certainly of that variety. I attribute my love of Van Morrison to my hippie mother. Despite his disdain for his audience during live performances, I adore him and his songs. The lyrics speak to me in a way no other artist does. He sings of love and loss in such a vulnerable and nostalgic way that even if you didn't grow up going to Orangefield or walking on Cyrpress Avenue, you still take the journey there. Whether the tune is upbeat and danceable or melancholic, hypnotic, and lacking in any structure, it's always full of an insatiable passion. If that didn't sell you on Van the Man, check out the album "Astral Weeks" because he is so much more than "Brown Eyed Girl."

American Apparel lace tee, Aryn K. skirt, Target necklaces and scarf, Sam Edelman sandals

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