September 7, 2012

Mixed Metal

For a while, I was a firm believer in that fact that silver & gold should never be worn together. This is probably why I had a tough time imagining getting married - if I had a platinum ring, how would I wear gold jewelry? Thankfully, I've accepted the idea of mixing my metals, much like I got over my aversion for pairing black & brown (as seen here, here, and here). Therefore, think of your bangles, charms, or rings for their texture, shape, or size, rather than their metal. When you start to see your accessories as rocker, hippie, geometric, or girlie rather than viewing them as gold, silver, gunmetal, brass, or rose gold, your options are limitless!

Lumiere jacket, H&M tank, XXI trousers, Nine West sandals, Stella & Dot necklace, Kohl's earrings, Foster & Grant sunglasses, Charming Charlie, Stella & Dot, vintage, and Etsy bracelets

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