October 26, 2012

Tangled Up in Dude

While the focus of this blog is certainly women's fashion, I can't help but have an opinion about how men dress. Especially with a man in my life who dresses so well! Therefore, I figured I would feature some great casual pieces for that special dude in your life to wear. Similar to women's fashion this time of year, men's fashion is all about layers, layers, layers. Blazer over a button down, cardigan over a henley, chambray over a flannel, flannel over a henley...the options are limitless with the right pieces and the right accents.  

6. Shades

I hope to make this a monthly or so feature and identify pieces for work, fun, and date nights. After all, a well-dressed man makes for a happy lady...at lease for me it does!

Images via Pinterest

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