April 23, 2013

My New Closet

The Lucky Community request for its members to share secrets of their organized closets couldn't have come at a better time! As of April 1st, we moved in to our swanky new pad with a...walk-in closet. And by walk-in closet, I mean the second bedroom. I'd like to share a few key items that make my blazers, belts, shoes, jewelry, hats, and skirts easier to access, organize, and showcase.

Vintage dresser with mismatched knobs
Belt Hanger & Boot Shapers (although I've heard wine bottles work just as well)

Along with the aforementioned items, I find that organizing my clothes by type (tank, sweater, cardigan, dress, blouse, etc.) rather than color has helped to inspire new combinations. For instance, all of my a-line skirts are on one tiered hanger, as are my pencil skirts, maxis, and minis. This way, when I like a blouse and jacket combo and know I want to wear a pencil skirt, I will look at all of them rather than streamlining for the one that I had in my head. The same thing goes for my shoes, necklaces, and belts. What are your organizing secrets?

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