July 28, 2013

Festival Wear - The Do's & Don'ts

With Lollapalooza less than one week away, I've got festival outfit ideas on the brain! Last year, I shared my outfits post-fest, but figured that this year, I would give y'all some ideas of what to put together or buy before setting foot in Grant Park. But first, let's get inspired by some street style pics from yours truly, Song of Style, Solange Knowles, Late Afternoon, On the Racks, Kate Bosworth, and Natalie Off Duty.

Option #2 :: Maxi skirt, crop tank top, stone cuff, a straw hat, and gladiator sandals

Option #3 :: Mid-length dress, a braided belt, head wrap, beaded bracelets, and flat ankle boots

You will earn extra points for wearing... 
sunscreen, tribal print/lace/crochet/sheer/cut-out items, jean vest, your hair in a top knot, a flower crown, cross-body/belt purse, circle frame sunglasses, or tying a shirt around your waist.

You will be cursing yourself for wearing... 
a romper/jumpsuit (which increase the amount of time spent in the port-a-potty), shape wear, leather, anything tight enough to show sweat marks, a clutch purse, or heavy make-up.

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