August 13, 2013

How to Pick the Right Necklace

When it comes to jewelry, I consider myself an aficionado and I have a rather full jewelry armoire to prove it. Although other accessories are definitely not unchartered territory, I feel the most confident when my neck, arms, fingers, or ears are bedazzled. However, the daily decisions of what to wear on each does not come easy. Therefore, I rely on a few guidelines to make sure I'm not overwhelmed and still on time for work every morning. When it comes to necklaces, I'm sure you have rules that you've heard, live by, or think are ridiculous. I request that you open your mind and let your necklace bring together or enhance your outfit rather than just being the "add on" that you think of at the last minute. 

1. Use your necklace to cover up space :: If you're buttoning up your collar (like I suggested you do), then you know that your short, chain necklace isn't seen and your long pendant necklace leaves too much space open. Therefore, a multi-strand beaded or chain link necklace hereby makes your chest appear smaller and more narrow.
2. Use your necklace bring together patterns and colors :: Sometimes an outfit lacks cohesiveness despite your best intentions. Before scoffing it as a "bag lady" look, try a necklace of a color you're wearing to bring together the beige and gray, teal and yellow, or leopard and stripes
3. Use your necklace to match your shoes :: Similarly, a necklace can make enough of a statement to make sense of your shoe choice. If there's no black in your ensemble, a black statement necklace can show the pairing with your black pumps was intentional, rather than just the only pair you had at your desk in the office.
4. Use your necklace to enhance your curves :: When you wear a blousy top, a pendant or long chain necklace can hug your lady lumps and still showcase your figure. Rather than doing the usual and relying on a a belt to outline the waist, this option still allows for the flow of your outfit to be center stage.

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