January 21, 2014

Crush of the Month: Collage Vintage

While I know how much I am inspired by the many, many fashion bloggers whose sites I visit every day, you might not. Therefore, I've decided to showcase one stylish fashionista per month to broaden your scope of inspiration and their influence, because they deserve it! My next installment of this series (see the others here) in giving credit where credit is due is about Sara of Collage Vintage.

This Madrid-based blogger was introduced to me by WhoWhatWear (thankyouverymuch) only a few months ago. While her "about" sections on social media are sparse, she clearly has a  knack for exemplifying the type of "street style" that is all the rage around the world: mix of high & low, clean lines, lots of black, and enviable accessories (including her mane with the on trend "flip" included). 

All photos from Collage Vintage

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