February 17, 2014

What I've Worn & Done

I turned 31 and was spoiled by my friends & family with brunches, dinners, a 
painting BYOB, new jewelry, and flowers.
I began traveling for work again - I was getting very stir crazy after being in my 
cubicle since my ankle injury in early October.
Speaking of work, I was given a promotion and a title change that allows for more training 
and account management opportunities in addition to managing clients.
Walter has gained five pounds (which now puts him at 10lbs) since we brought 
him home, is 23 inches long, fully vaccinated, and has a microchip.
We have maintained sanity during the continual and ridiculous dumping of snow, and I'm confident 
it has to do with the following: Oscar season, Dan's cooking, a vinyl record player, and True Detective on HBO.
The long screw across my ankle (which was supporting the ligaments) was removed and I have NO restrictions for movements, activities, etc. Although I still have soreness everyday, 
I am only limiting myself from running, jumping, and wearing heels due to legit pain.
Despite all the awesomeness that this past month has provided, I have yet to come up with a motivation to do multiple outfit pictures on the weekends, send out our "Thank You" cards (only three months post celebration), or join a gym to begin swimming again. Maybe tomorrow...
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