May 2, 2014

Coming in November

We're having a baby!
On March 6, Dan and I began the nine (actually ten) month journey of bringing a baby into our world. We are overjoyed, in awe, and completely enamored with our son or daughter. Thankfully, I've had a rather easy pregnancy - no morning sickness, just intense fatigue and an incredible appetite! As of today, I'm 13 weeks and 5 days so just in my second trimester. We've had two doctors appointments - one at 13 weeks (picture on the left) and one at 9 weeks (picture on the right) confirming that we have a healthy, growing baby. While I know it can be silly, I love imagining lil Opels as the size of corresponding fruits, so right now, baby is a lemon. I'm already wearing the crap out of my BeBand and can't wait to share my evolving bump & style these next six or so months!

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