March 4, 2011

Why a blog? Why me?

Some of you might be wondering, who the heck do I think I am? I am not a styler to the stars, editor of a fashion magazine, or buyer for a department store. I am; however, a borderline obsessive shopper, or researcher, as I like to think of it, who is consistently revamping her closet and outfits with on-trend updates and tried and true pieces to challenge myself, to make fashion fun, affordable, and self-expressive!

I am often asked by colleagues, friends, family, or passersby where I purchased something or how I knew how to put this and that together. This blog was started in order to share those very thoughts that go on in my head while perusing a rack of clothes, or even my own closet in order to feel inspired and make fashion much more adaptable to everyday life. My goal is to take what is seen on runways, celebrities, the street, or in a magazine, and make it do-able for me, and especially, for you!

Enjoy, and please...participate!

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